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Active filters

  • Brand: BeWell

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The price displayed is a base price and it may vary depending on the options selected and depending on several other variables.

The delivery charges applied are the standard ones and may vary depending on the accessibility of the land and your address.


Standard Equipment :

  • Dimensions 84 in x 84 in x 38 in
  • 6 places
  • 2 massage pumps 7 BHP
  • Gecko control system
  • 72 water and air jets in total
  • LED chromotherapy lighting
  • LED backlit handles and waterfall
  • 4 headrests
  • Filtration system with skimmer
  • 1 Champagne bucket
  • 1 filter cartridge
  • Canadian thermal insulation system
  • Composite coating
  • 4-season top insulation cover


Warranty :

  • 2 year warranty on parts and labor.
  • 10 year guarantee on the tightness of the tank


Available Options :

  • Thomson Tec Copper and Silver Ion Sanitation System
  • Gecko in.Touch Wifi System

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