🥶 What to do with a spa that is not heating in winter 🥶

Several elements can be taken into account and prevent the spa from functioning normally and therefore deprive it of heating. Obviously, a power failure will affect the heating. However, it is possible that the lack of heating is due to another cause. For example, filters that are not sufficiently clean can obstruct the pump's water flow and thus trigger an error in the electronic system, cutting off the heating.

However, keep in mind that if the spa is at a temperature close to 100°F and it is well insulated, we generally have around 48 hours without risk of freezing. It is important to keep the lid closed at all times in order to contain the heat as long as possible.

Whatever the scenario, when the spa is deprived of heating, it is essential to know how to react and especially how to protect it against freezing.

In any case, the first step in protecting the spa will be to put a backup heating system under the spa and turn it on at minimum so that the pumps and plumbing section will heat up. If there is a power failure, you will need to use a generator to power the heater. Be sure to install it safely to avoid any fire.

The second step will be to regularly monitor the temperature of the spa water. The water in the spa tub will tend to be hotter than the water in the plumbing since the plumbing is closer to the floor.

The third step is really our last resort. Once the temperature of the tub reaches 41°F to 50°F, and there is no other solution, consider closing the spa to avoid freezing. We see this kind of situation when power outages last more than 48 hours or when parts to make repairs are not available. It will therefore be necessary to empty the tank as quickly as possible and proceed with blowing the plumbing lines using a powerful vacuum.

If the underlying cause is a power failure, there is not much that can be done to get the spa back into operation. We will therefore have to wait for the return of electricity. If the electricity returns before the spa is closed, make sure that the GFCI breaker is in the "ON" position.

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