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Scale or lime buildup can damage the surface of your spa as well as your circulation system. SPA Scale and corrosion control does a great job of preventing scale and corrosion by introducing powerful agents that bind to calcium ions causing problems in your spa water.

Why treat your water:

  • Prevents scale formation and cloudy water due to high calcium levels
  • Eliminates scale build-up on the spa surface
  • Removes relatively fresh corrosion stains from metal on spa surface

When to treat your water:

  • Use weekly for scale free water.

Advice :

  • If you are on well water, a higher dose is needed to prevent scale build-up.

1L format

Helps prevent the formation of limescale and scale in the water heater and plumbing.

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Comfort Sensation helps to soften the spa water, and give it a good smell to provide a feeling of well-being and comfort. Innovative product that does not evaporate and is unaffected by other spa chemicals.

Format 1kg
Helps to soften the water and give a good smell.
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Size : 1/4 Pint

Medium bodied, fast setting, low VOC PVC solvent cement for use on flex/flex and flex/rigid PVC with interference fit through 6″ (160 mm) diameter, Schedule 80 through 3″ (90 mm) diameter. Premium cement specially formulated for use on flexible and/or rigid PVC. It forms flexible, high-strength, water-resistant joints.

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