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Cover lifter with gas struts

Gas struts reduce cover weight by approximately 70%.

Initiate the movement and the lifter will complete it.

Sturdy all-steel construction.

Suitable for all covers with measurements under 96″ X 96″ or approximately 2440 mm X 2440 mm.

Installation not included.

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BASKET cover lifter with gas strut (1)

The gas strut reduces the weight of the cover in order to store it on the side of the spa as well as to put it back in place easily.

Allows unobstructed view on the cover's side, as the basket adjusts almost to floor level.

Once the cover is in the "basket", it can be used as a tablet for drinks, platters and more.

Initiate the movement and the lever will complete it.

Clearance required behind the spa: 3 to 4 feet, or approximately half of the cover.

Robust all-steel construction.

Suitable for all covers with measurements under 96″ X 96″ or approximately 2440 mm X 2440 mm.

Less suitable for round covers

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