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Swim Spas & Pool Spas Aqua Gym

Swim Spas & Pool Spas

Swim spas or Pool Spas are spas that allow you to swim continuously against a current of water (or continuous pressure towards you). It is also said that you never "hit the wall" or have to turn around to continue swimming like in a regular pool or lap pool. Swim spas provide the absolute best swimming exercise, using the least amount of space in your home or yard. Swim spas also act like small pools in the sense that you can play in them. You actually have a spa at one end and a swimming area at the other end.

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With our SWIM Spa Aqua-GYM STREAM 15F from Titan Spas Aqua-Gym entirely made in QUEBEC, you can enjoy an exceptional training session followed by a period of total relaxation in the hydrotherapy seats.

The Aqua-Gym series has a vertical massage therapy column offering 8 high flow massage points. With this exclusive technology, you get a massage of the legs and lower body that absolutely cannot be compared to a massage in a conventional sitting position.

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