Therapeutic Spas

Spas that promote the benefits of hydrotherapy, health and well-being. A practice of mixed use of heated water and spa technology for pain relief and management - A winning combination of three elements: warmth, buoyancy and massage. The heat dilates blood vessels to increase blood flow to sore or damaged tissue. Buoyancy reduces body weight by 90 percent, relieving pressure on joints and muscles. And the massage accomplishes the ultimate spa mission, relaxing muscles and relieving pressure on nerves. It also stimulates circulation and speeds up the body's natural healing process.

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With our series of Aqua-Gym spas entirely made in QUEBEC, you can enjoy an exceptional training session followed by a period of total relaxation in the hydrotherapy seats.

The Aqua-Gym series has a vertical massage therapy column offering 8 high flow massage points. With this exclusive technology, you get a massage of the legs and lower body that absolutely cannot be compared to a massage in a conventional sitting position.

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